Kite making for children

The easy way to build a kite, is our kite making kits for children.

These Kite kits have been tried and tested by all our friends and family and many others at various craft events in suffolk, so we have come up with a very comprehensive kite kit that can be used again and again, they are made just the right size (A4) using a very special paper and are specifically for use in very little wind and from any age that is able to walk and hold the string handle, they just require cutting out by an adult or using the correct children's scissors.

 A non-cut design that simply requires colouring, sticking and folding to be ready to fly is available.

Part of the fun is colouring in your chosen design ( with crayons supplied in kite kit ) and the thrill of flying your own hand made shaped kite.

designs include, Space ship, Fighter plane, Gold fish, Angel, Turtle, with many more designs available. 

Some of the kite patterns below already coloured in 
                                                                        Goldfish                                              Giraffe
                                                                  Teddy bear                                        Elephant


A lot of thought and experience has made our Kids Kite Kits the best available for any outdoor activities, such as birthday parties and special events. Our Kite Kits are guaranteed to fly but best of all, every child can easily assemble their own kite, paint it, fly it within minutes and take it home to show and use again.  

The price will be about £1.50 per kite kit pack, every thing you need to make a tough and very strong craft kite.

                                                                Discounts for bulk buy will be available.
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