Heimess Baby Toys

Heimess dummy clips | toy clip ons | pram chains | mobiles, we are proud to announce that we are stocking the range of safe non toxic baby and toddler toys from this unique, quality german manufacturer.  


 These are perfect for keeping baby amused, With their bright colours, rattles and interesting shapes for your baby to play with.

40cm wide to fit pram or pushchair or car seat.


Lots of different and unique types of dummy chains to choose from with easy clean wooden beads and vibrant colours. Easily clips to clothing or similar. 
Most of all they are completely safe and will keep your baby amused.

Babies love to grab and crew. So it is very important for a baby that rattles and teether's are completely safe, so it is always best to buy a proven brand such as Heimess  and know that you and your baby are in safe hands. Also the natural feel and taste of quality wood is so much healthier than plastic rattles. With their bold colours and shapes they are sure to be a hit with the little ones.

Heimess have a great range of clip on toys. they are all natural with very bright colours and interesting shapes. easily and securely clips to any pram and pushchair or even car seat or high chair. 


Heimess are based in Germany and produce high quality toys that give joy to both children and parents. 

Their toys are made from solid woods such as beech and maple. The bright stimulating colours used on all Heimess toys come from water based non-toxic stains and lacquers. The clips and bells on the toys are made from stainless steel and are rust free - ensuring your baby is never exposed to irritating materials. 

The moveable parts, the bright colours, the rattling noises and the ringing of bells awake the attention and support motor activity as well as mental development of the child. The toys are handmade from high quality materials and painted with non-toxic paint. Heimess toys comply with the European standard for toys EN 71 (1998) and are guaranteed by means of the CE sign. 

Of course toys made out of wood are not indestructible, so for example you cannot equate rubbing off of colours through scratches made by teeth with resistance to spittle. The lengthy impact of saliva can soften wood and babies do like to scratch with their teeth. This is not at all dangerous and the only problems this causes are optical. Just as you will find on any object.

Simple cleaning of your wooden baby toys

  •  Simply wiping with a cloth
  •  Washing in water, wiping dry with a cloth and leaving to dry
  •  Wooden items should not be exposed to dampness for any length of time
  •  Do not use any cleaning detergents or disinfectants 
  •  Do not place in a steam sterilising machine or in the washing machine                                               

                           If you require any other products from the Heimess range,
                           please do not hesitate to email us on time scale and availability.