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All about our wooden toys

No batteries required

We believe in value for money products, which are hard wearing and long lasting, although wooden toys are often thought of as old fashioned and we understand that children want the latest gadgets ( we have four of our own ) but we truly believe that there is a place for both toys that invoke our childrens imagination as well as the the latest wii games. So with this in mind, we have tried to find a range of traditional well loved wooden toy styles together with newer designs and a range of items for your child's nursery or bedroom that will stand the test of time.This is possible due to modern tough paints and wood crafts that have been used though out the world, handed down from generation to generation and all without a battery in sight.

we provide an alternative to the highly commercial, over packaged toys provided by many high street stores. Our wooden toys are made to last, perfect for handing down through the family. We also pride ourselves on our commitment to ensuring all our products are safe and fully certified to CE standards. Throughout our range, the impact on the environment has been considered. A large proportionof our wooden toys are sourced from Fair Trade suppliers whose products are made from rubberwood from exhausted rubber plantations that are replanted every 10 - 15 years. The remainder use wood taken from sustainable forests.

Wooden toys also have the following  advantages.

It is much easier to clean toys that have been manufactured using wood thoroughly, than it is to clean plastic toys. This is basically due to wood being a natural material, while plastic is produced via a chemical process. In fact, many parents have the misconception that they can't clean wooden toys. To clean unfinished wooden toys, a damp sponge is all you need for regular cleaning. Fine-grade sandpaper can help to remove various types of stains. Meanwhile, when cleaning finished wooden toys, a light washing with soap and water is sufficient for regular cleaning. To remove stains, use a 50/50 blend of water and white vinegar.

Wooden toys are natural.
This is one of the key health and safety benefits of wooden toys, over plastic toys. Today's plastic toys include several chemicals that could potentially be harmful to your son or daughter. In fact, experts have linked some of the common chemicals in today's plastic toys, to some extremely serious conditions. So while the initial cost of plastic toys is usually cheaper than wooden toys, the potential health hazards are greater. That's why it's advisable to choose toys made of natural products, such as wood.